This year has taught me a lot. A lot about who I am and can be, what I have and do not have, and what I am capable of both achieving and enduring. It has brought big changes both emotionally, physically and geographically. I have made and lost friends, favour and decisions. I am no closer to figuring out the secrets of the universe, but have found a few of my own truths. I have found happiness in the small things, pure and simple. I have found sorrow in the things I have lost, which does not fade.

I am not making any resolutions as such, but along that parallel, perhaps some firm decisions. They are decisions to better myself emotionally and physically. They are the things I want for myself, to make life better every day. They are more adjustments than changes-to mindset and body.
The year ahead is just another year. It holds no more promise, or threat of doom, than any other. Good things will happen. Bad things will happen. We will lose and gain. We will think what we think, and do what we do. There is no more or less possibility held in its clutches than any other year.

Every day holds potential, it’s what we make of it that counts. If we get caught up in the trivial or mundane, and let it just slip by, we lose the whole point of living. We are not here to live for anyone else, to just work and pay bills, or simply be. We are here to live for ourselves, to relish, to experience, to see and feel. We are here to be unique and individual, to create, to inspire, to motivate and to love.
This year will be about furthering my education on self. It will be about prioritising who and what should receive my daily fucks given. It will be about what’s really important to me. It will be about including the people I really love or care for, and doing things I want to do.
There will be plane tickets, ink days, coffee dates, concert tickets, shoe shops, leather, truth, midnight video calls, chocolate cake, Irish whiskey, dog treats, uncontrollable laughter, long hot showers, art days and much more.
This year will be about being unapologetically me. About trusting where the journey leads and accepting good things if they happen. About knowing what feels right and not giving up. About realising worth. About accepting people for who they are, including myself, and not giving a fuck what others think of that.
I hope the light is on at the end of your tunnels kids. If it’s not, be that light, and fucking shine for yourselves 😉



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