I’d buy that for a dollar.

I’ve started a Go Fund Me account. “Another one?”, I hear you whisper irritatedly…Yes, but this one is different. Now let me tell you why.

People start these things for wild selfish, stupid, irrelevant and greedy reasons every day-A new dishwasher, a trip to Disneyland. Others just to jump on a bandwagon of sorts-popular stuff. Others again, for just causes that are close to them. This one is the last reason…and to prove a very emphatic point. I keep saying that every dollar counts, every little bit means a big bit, so it’s time to be the vehicle, to put our collective money where that mouth is. So, here’s what I’m asking of you all, and why…

I know two people right now, who are battling Cancer. The big C. The destroyer of lives. The unspoken horror. And what they need the most, is hope. Hope that everything is going to be okay, that they can get the treatment they require to make it through, that they will win. Disgusted as I am to admit it, one of the things that can give them hope…is money. In a material world, they need money to pay for hope.

Now, I’m not asking for  ‘just the cost of a cup of coffee’. Please don’t go without coffee. I beg you…have coffee. The world doesn’t need to see that shit. If the world was full of decaffeinated people, a war could likely break out (albeit, ultimately, a slightly lethargic one).
I’m not asking for you to give every last cent you have, or sacrifice anything to make a donation to people you may not even know. All I’m asking for…is TWO DOLLARS.
To most people, a few dollars is little, the change floating in the bottom of your handbag, clogging the coin section of your wallet, jingling in your pocket. It is the scrap at the end of the day, thrown frivolously in the coin jar. It is little.
But to these two people, and their families, it really is a LOT.
For those of you who don’t know me, I lost my Mother to Cancer when I was very young, and my Uncle years later. One of my longest friends, just lost her Mother in the same fashion, and the list goes on. I have never donated to Cancer funds, as I don’t believe the money should go to useless research and red tape. I have fundraised and donated personally to animal rescues, where pets have lost their providers. To the people of Vanuatu in Cyclone Pam, where people lost their homes and livelihoods, I support anti-BSL, where dogs have lost their voice. And now it’s time to donate to families that could lose someone. Corey & Scott, Two Fathers, Friends, Lovers, Partners, Sons. Real people.

For anyone who has ever withheld a donation, because it ‘wasn’t enough’, because they were embarrassed they could not donate more, who couldn’t afford it…this is your chance to step up and make a huge difference. The donation limit will be set at $5. So you can donate from $2-$5 ONLY. (It was originally going to be $1, but the GoFundMe fees take almost 40c in each single dollar donation)
On the link, you will see a brief of their stories-in the updates after the initial post (so you know it’s all legit), and can donate however you choose. When the goal is reached, the money will be split straight down the middle and forwarded directly to each family. They will both also be sent a link to the account, so they can see just how many people cared enough, to take 5 minutes of their time and donate just two single dollars, in the name of hope, and love, and everything that is right with the world.
This is the link to donate

Hundreds of you read this blog. Thousands are on my Facebook pages. Every share reaches more people again. Just two dollars from not even half of those, will get this to it’s goal limit.
Please be a part of something good. Something that I believe, can not only make a big difference, but also prove a wonderfully humane point.

T.I.A troops.



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