16640869_1423385174389036_2994527294850567151_nI just read a story on Facebook that hurt. I see plenty of them, but this one got me right in the feels for some reason. I know it hurt, because the tears actually stung my eyes when they came out. They burned so much I had to rinse my eyes with cold water. They came from somewhere pretty deep I suspect.

It was about a dog. Another dog, mistreated, abused and neglected for years. When rescued the owners didn’t give two fucks about him being cut from his chain and taken. In the photo, he looked so sad and downtrodden that he had just given up. He didn’t even have a name. He was the ‘so many kinds of sick’, he couldn’t recover from.
The rescue group took him straight for medical attention, but he barely survived the night, and was given his merciful wings the next day, with paw in hand of someone who cared for him. A vet, also with tears in his eyes. I bet his tears hurt, burned, pained as much as mine.

I think they come from a place inside, that wants so badly to help, but isn’t able to. A place that wants to ease the pain of all the creatures suffering at the hand of man. A place that knows it should never happen, but knows that in this world it does, and all too often.

I see these stories every single day. Animals dumped, surrendered, abused, killed, tortured. For immoral, religious, profitable, traditional and just pure fucking evil reasons. I refuse to turn off to it, to delete the pages or look away. Because if we all ‘turn off’ to it and look away, then who will be there to help, or even just to know? To know what is happening in this awful twisted world, underneath the glittery surface?

So, below are pictures. Look away if you wish, or alternatively…take a good long look at this beautiful boy. At the sadness, and way he looks defeated and hopeless. Understand that people did this to him. That giving him wings was merciful, after his life of anguish, and that he left this world for a better place, knowing that for a short while, he was loved…and named.
His name was Journey. Dog Speed.

16649203_1840345076238569_642486637463652178_n 16716110_1423476681046552_5866670658383331434_o


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