Not enough

People. Collectively, people are awful. And so is the world we have created to live in. Not the world around us, it is full of beauty (although we are making short work of destroying it) but people are essentially ugly. Not black and white stripe, shudder ugly, but ugly inside.

Whether you are black, white, yellow, religious, spiritual, man or woman, there is really just one rule we should be following. It encompasses just about everything, yet still leave us freedom. The Beatles, Mother Teresa and many others have tried, but I think Bill and Ted coined it best: “Be excellent to each other”. So simple…yet we can’t.
h352f9a23As individuals, we lie and cheat, manipulate and steal, deceive and both physically and emotionally hurt one another. As collectives, we terrorize and go to war. We murder and manipulate and corrupt others to our own ends. There is no depth that anyone, given the right motivation and opportunity, wouldn’t reach. The more power and freedom we are given, the more we take advantage of it. Given money, we use it to only make more. Given a heart, we break it looking for a better one. Given time, we waste it looking for purpose.

Maybe the whole purpose, is to use what we have to love and enjoy life?

But we are greedy. We want more. We want riches and peace and the perfect fairy-tale ending. We want apologies and answers we shall never get, and waste our lives looking instead of living.

As a Society, we have taken a free universe and, in order to make sense of it, structured it into a prison of night and day. We have constructed the concept of time to establish order, and walled ourselves into a timetable. A time when we ‘should’ be working and ‘should’ be sleeping. If your life doesn’t fit these slots, you’re ‘different’. If your desires don’t follow the man-made rules or religious teachings, you are wrong or bad.
Since when did man become so universally powerful and almighty that we have these rights?

Man only created the concept of a God, so that they could strive to try and become one.

Every day we fulfil these ridiculous ideas, by putting others in charge of our lives and ourselves. Priests, politicians, bosses, partners and all of the other people we bow down to, searching for that purpose. Because we hope that if we can’t find the answers we seek, maybe they can for us. We hand over our freedom, obedience, responsibility and time to others for money, and in return they make us feel like we are part of the plan.

Yet, at the end of the day… we are not happy. We are constantly looking. Searching for the things that will bring our lives meaning-love, puppies, money, peace, fun. We rarely take moments to enjoy or be grateful for the things we have. The simple, honest things we have already, right in front of us. Love, money, puppies, peace and fun. Why are we are made to feel like we should feel guilty for the things we love and enjoy?
4d56965a79c1eb5992a63875389016b6 (1)Maybe Bill and Ted should have phrased their message a little differently?…”Be excellent to each other, and be excellent to yourself”.
We usually fail to do both. We let Society, and others, decide if we are worthy of just about everything. Unfortunately that bad stuff is easier to believe. We are dark and cynical creatures. Maybe Kanye is onto something and all of the rest of us are missing the point?
images (38)Someone said to me, that ‘love is not enough’, and for a while I started thinking maybe they were right. I questioned my own belief and way of thinking and feeling. But they’re not right. And maybe I’m not either, but I am staying true to myself.

NO…Love is NOT enough…it is the PURPOSE. Love is the difference between a hateful world and a good world. Love is the difference between caring and giving up. Love is the difference between being happy or just existing. It gives us euphoria, intimacy, misery and hope. It incites passion for people and the things around us every day. It makes us want to live or die. If there was no love, life would be pointless and mundane.
So no…Love is not enough. Love is MORE than enough
Love is everything.

Cheers Kids. No more guilty pleasures.


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