Silver wings

Today was a sad day. A day many people can’t bear the thought of. I’m one of those people. Today we said goodbye to another furry, loyal, loving friend. Goodbyes suck. All of them.

I was supposed to be there as a friend, company and support. I think I got two out of three okay, but the third maybe not so much? All I do know is this…

You were at home, in the same place where you have been a part of a family that loved and cared for you for the better part of 14 1/2 years. You certainly landed on all fours there.
You got lots of love, pats and doggy chocolates through the day. As you lay there, calm and relaxed, you were getting scritched in all the good spots. One of your feline friends (Moleman) came in to have a mooch, and you returned with a small nuzzle and lick.
v13246037_10208698205186238_1409607224_nYou didn’t know that this was the last day of this journey, and the beginning of the next, and that was how it was supposed to be. You gently lay your head on your paws and quietly groaned and leaned in when your ears were rubbed deep, and loving hands stroked your fur. And then you closed your eyes and drifted off into silent dreams.

I think maybe you were back in that car, 14 years ago-just a pup, head out the window and tongue lolling around in the breeze. A big smile crosses your face as you realize where you’re going and who you will see again. And as the car pulls up by the bridge, you will leap out and into the arms you know are waiting for you.

Dog speed big fella. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

May you all know this kind of love Kids.


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