We’re walkin’…

So, I have these two amazing, high spirited dogs, my girls. They each have their quirks and bad habits, but I love them dearly. On many occasion they have been the main contributor to the reason why I am still here, and have one remaining shred of adult-like sanity.
They are total opposites and generally pretty predictable in their actions. Isabella (Issy) is a tubby, mother-like, sweet natured girl, whilst Zodiac (Zodi) is flighty, easily riled and possessive. They can both be total sooks too.
They got totally spoilt at Christmas and shreds of brightly coloured wrapper littered the floor around their mountain of toy and treats, which they happily lazed in, and have been recipients of since.

Today, they requested a walk, and as I had been working stationary for most of the day, I was only too happy to oblige. Walking them is not the most uplifting task, but it certainly gets the blood flowing and they just adore it…I think. No, they do. They REALLY do. This is how it goes…

You mention the word ‘walk’, ears prick and they then loiter around the lead area, hoping they heard right. I NEVER touch the leads until we are about to walk out the door (learnt that one the hard way), because once they are touched-ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Seriously. It becomes a bouncy, bitey, tangly, whiney, whingefest of animal trying to jump on you and lunge at the still-closed door.

Then comes the socks. People apparently only wear socks for two reasons. When they are going out without the dog, or when they are going out WITH the dog. They figure it’s a 50/50 shot based on the shoes that follow, so socks are exciting things. The best way to ensure that whilst a human is putting on socks, you are not forgotten, is of course to try and remove them with teeth as they are applied, or simply get the hell in the way of the process.

Next, the closing of the doors and locking up. Obviously the dog IS going. It has now been cemented, that the doors would not be closed with said dogs still inside, if the dog was NOT going. This is done whilst two screaming dogs are barrelling up and down the hallway, nipping at each other in a flurry of excitement, barging  and almost tripping everything in their path.

At this point we’re all at the door, and it’s time for Zodi to sulk, because she has to wear a Halti lead, which she hates. While I put it on her against a slight battle, resignation and a huff, Issy screeches with excitement and glances at me, the door, me, the door, me, the dooooooorrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Then, they walk me.

Zodiac has one speed-ON, with an occasional pause to try and tear the Halti off her face…then ON again. Issy patters loyally along beside me like a honey badger. She’s just happy to be out with her human.
At the halfway mark we change direction and go alongside the water, avoiding other dogs and breathing in the wet, sea air. Zodi scent marks each grass patch like a boy dog, and Issy doesn’t miss a pitter-patter beat on the concrete.
issy doggles 1At the 2/3 mark Issy decides that she’s had enough and wants to sit down, which suits Zodi fine, as we’ve reached her soft, tufty grass patch to roll in. On we go, avoiding cats that skitter, hoping to avoid Zodi’s attention. People watch from cars, the sun goes down and the air is thick with salt.

Rounding the corner to home, the race begins for the driveway. Leads get yanked tight as dry, puffy little tongues yearn for water. There it is again…the DOOOORRRR!! They are as excited to see it, as they were when they left through it. Heads push it open like little battering rams and they squeeze inside together. Straight through to the water bucket, and two heads submerge. Heavy breathing, looking for the coolest tile, flop, and then peace.

It’s really quite an exercise, but they love it, so we walk.
Time for me to get stuff done while they catch some z’s Kids. Hope you all have a friend to walk (you).





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