Devils Night & Summers End

All Hallows Eve/Samhain is upon us again. Yes it’s Halloween, that time of year when the creepy little creatures of the neighbourhood come out of hiding and roam the streets free…and squeal for candy. It’s late now, and they are all tucked back into their beds, quivering with sugar highs, and my dogs have been adequately ‘treated’ for keeping them from my door.
I do love Halloween though, seriously. It’s kinda like where I reside for most of the year anyway (in my business) and then the world catches up, before quickly moving onto killing poultry, and welcoming fat strangers dressed in red suits into their homes unscreened.
Gore and glamour crash tackle each other, and people dress up like the freaks they really wish they could be on the other 364 days of the year. Imaginations run wild, like they used to before we were forced to ‘adult’ and we pretend it’s ‘for the children’, when it’s really for the child in us.
I used to throw Halloween parties, when my life had some semblance of ‘normality’ to it. I would decorate, we would all carve pumpkins, play games, and I would create weird, disgusting looking foods for the blood splattered table. We would all congregate, and generally just get very drunk and jovial amongst the exposed intestines and zombie brains.
Now that life has changed somewhat, that has too, and my real treat tonight was being able to stay away from the world outside, and talk to the one person in this world that I truly love. It’s like soul food, and the best part of every day. Better than candy, although maybe I get the same high.
The night is now eerily quiet, all the guard dogs are sleeping with one eye open, and here I sit with a warm Amarula, to hopefully induce the sleep, or perhaps peace, I so desperately need tonight, while the real monsters lurk around.
cerberus-e1331746902290Although it is not ‘Summers End’ here, and most of the origins of this day have been lost in translation, if the time really does mark the boundaries between this world and the other thinning, then tonights dreams are going to be wild. I guess I should go and check that out.
Goodnight Kids, don’t leave your windows open for the goblins to slink in.
Cheers V

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