The worst animals on earth…

…are people.

I mentioned a while back that I was involved with several rescue groups and fostering animals. Well, I no longer foster, because my Council does not allow it. Hats off to them for making rules that restrict our ability to help others. You Sirs, can all fuck off.
I still try to donate, where I can, to animal fundraisers and causes. And this is why…

Because humans (not all, but very many) are fucking horrible creatures. Being attached to so many rescue groups through social media I see some of the worst of them. Yes, I could unsubscribe and not ‘see it’, but that wouldn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Some days, as much as it hurts to see, I need the grim reminder that any help, no matter how small, can change lives. A dollar can help save a life. A report can punish a criminal. A signature can make an authority think twice.
Then people like this…that do things like this…for fun, are held accountable for their putrid actions. (the below pictures are graphic, but please bear with me here, because you need to see this to realise exactly why I feel this way)

This little girl had her eyes glued shut by some kids who thought it would be funny…

This guy had his snout taped shut and was dumped…(this image was weeks after his rescue)
And this beautiful girl, Khalessi, was dumped in someones front yard with broken ribs, back, legs and her snout smashed off completely. She had been that way so long, her nostrils had healed shut so she couldn’t breathe. (some amazing vets are now reconstructing her face and aiding her recovery)

How anyone could do this to anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, let alone a defenceless animal is beyond me, and I’m glad it is. I’m glad I don’t understand or identify with any miniscule idea of this kind of behaviour. I have such love and respect for animals, that I simply can’t comprehend this. I would go without food, that my dogs could eat, yet this happens…

This family of 4 were amongst 9 dogs seized from a property…just wasting away quietly…(they have since been removed and taken to a shelter pending inquiry)
And this speaks for itself. This was his dog. His pet. His only responsibility was to give it quality of life. Instead he chased it with a knife attached to a pvc pipe and stabbed it multiple times before the knife got lodged too firmly to remove, and the neighbour saw it running away…(the dog lived, barely)

And this is what claims to be a ‘man’, beating the shit out of his terrified dog, because it made a mess on the tiny balcony…that it is locked out on…every day… (watching the video was heartbreaking)

There are countless other stories just as, if not more horrific than these ones…dogs buried alive, left to starve, burnt alive, tortured to death, dissected and decapitated, tied to railway tracks. What has the fucking world become???

These are hotdogs that were injected with poison and thrown into dog parks and front lawns.
Have we always been a filthy Society teeming under the surface, with people that indiscriminantly hurt, injure, abuse and discard animals, simply because they cannot fight back? Have children always thought it ‘funny’ to maim, beat and set fire to puppies??

And you know what the scariest thing is?… These ‘people’ are taking a life. Not ‘just an animal life’, but a life. They should be punished to the full extent of the law. Because, if they have such little respect for these lives…who is to say that another human life would be worth more to them than this.

I will be giving my pups an extra big hug tonight, and they will know they are safe. That they are loved. That they will never go hungry. That they will never be in reach of anyone that should want to hurt them..and heaven help anyone that tries.

Goodnight Kids. Keep your fur family safe.


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