I think it has finally happened…the world has gone full circle and spun completely off it’s axis and is now spinning in a different direction. Everything is changing, settling, moving, happening. The only other solid conclusion I could arrive at would be WTF?

After near two years of plodding along and running my business whilst looking for some work on the side to make things a little easier both financially and mentally (because too much time to think is not a good thing), I got thrown three hooks. I let go of one, but the other two were too enticing to resist.

So, now I not only still run my business, but have two casual jobs, one in the same vein as what I already do, and one completely different. Awesome much?!
Maybe the universe just decided that enough was enough, and decided to end my struggle. I have always been a firm believer in important things in your life coming to you when you are neither looking for them nor expecting them to happen, so maybe I should have just given up way sooner?

stealandshare15apr5Either way, I am grateful for both the physical exertion aspect and mental distraction they will bring. While other things in my life are looking brighter and feeling better, the situation is yet far from ideal, so I am hoping that having something else to concentrate on in the meantime, may help dull the constant ache for what I know is missing from my days…and nights…and all the moments in between.


So, here’s to new beginnings, brighter possibilities, a better future…and love. The real, deep down, irresistible, in every fibre of your heart and your soul kind.
Sleep tight Kids. Tomorrow WILL be a brighter day. I promise.



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