Torn over time

I see it every day. I even say it occasionally…”Life is too short”. Too short to have regrets. Too short to follow all the rules. Too short to not say the important stuff. Too short to do anything other than what makes you happy.


The more I know and live, the more I believe it, but this week I saw something else. I already knew it too, I guess it just never really occurred to me as much…”Life is too long”.

While you need to do the impulsive things, the fun things, the things that make you tingle and draw sharp breath, because we only have limited time here…we DO have time here. I feel it, the time.


Some days it passes so painfully slowly that I can feel every second tick over on the clock, and others go by before you can blink. So I amended the above accordingly…


And then I stumbled across this…which perfectly summed up how I was actually considering both. We have time, however much or little, but what we need to do is use it wisely. And wisely is different for every person. If that means taking risks or breaking rules, then fine. If it means putting yourself on the line, and trusting your heart to someone, then fine. If it means searching for inner peace on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere, then fine. Whatever it means to you, you should do it. Whether life is long or short, it is what we have, while we have it.
life wait
My brain never wants to let me wait for anything, my heart less so, and yet I feel I am becoming quite good at the process.
I have been working on a new artwork for a few days, and tonight, with the chill in the air, my hands are cramping fiercely. Just one of the joys of younger stupidity, creeping into today. My fingers scream under the constant action of holding things with pressure. And I don’t care. I don’t care that it hurts, because I love what I’m doing.


I’m creating something. And whether or not it turns out like I can see it in my own vision, it’s the process of creation that I love. That I can see something in my mind and feel driven to see it become real. If it looks good it shall hang on a wall, if it doesn’t, I don’t know?…maybe I’ll start over, maybe I’ll give up…but for now, it’s a great distraction, and it’s exciting. Every step I work at means waiting. I want to be done and jump forward to the next one already, but that is what inspires me to keep going. To see what it looks like when it exists. Something real.

In a way, everything we do means waiting in some way. Results are always at the end of work, a battle, a process or just the end of a day. But I guess what I really want?…that at the end of one day, the most important one will be over.299f108476a995197b73fee09b2ec984Sleep tight Kids. Use tomorrow however you see fit, but use it.


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