e0b0d26e64e40053bed94f4cbfd95494The past few weeks have been insane. A reminder that anything and everything can change on the spot, on a minute’s notice, on a call, a feeling or in a moment. And it’s change, for good and bad, and we must adapt, be resilient, stay strong and focused, stay true to ourselves and our hearts. Above all else, this is what we must do. The bottom line. It is why we are put on this planet, to follow our dreams, our hearts and be passionate and unique. To live. To love.

I talk a lot, I know I do it, and the reason is because I don’t like to leave things unsaid. I have done too much of that in my life. Not spoken up about things that mattered to me and lost the chance, and it’s not a mistake I will make again. I say what I think, feel and mostly ‘say, what I need to say’. It’s not always what people want to hear, but if they want to know me, they will hear it, not just listen. Then, if they want to share themselves with me, they will answer in kind.

And I Love. I have passion. I follow my heart. Sometimes to my detriment and others to my favour, but always.

But this now…this emotion…it surpasses the word ‘feeling’ because it is not just that. It is an all encompassing, consuming entity of its own…this is it. It is the deepest of the deep. It is the most a person could feel, of that I am sure. It is the ‘most’ I have ever known. It is made of fear and doubt, happiness and peace, insecurity and strength, respect and admiration, care and nurturing, pain and hope…but most of all, Love. Pure, untainted, complete Love.
oceanThis is the kind of thing that makes all of those ‘little things’ into huge things. Every moment as important as the last, and as the next. Every look, mean the world, the universe and as far as the mind can comprehend. Every kiss, linger on your lips as a ghost brushing across them when you close your eyes. Every word, mean more than words can convey. Every scent, a memory of a smile or a touch. Every lyric, the story of your life. Every ‘Hello’, food for the soul. And every goodbye, the painful end of life as I know it, in this moment. It is inside me, around me and on my skin. It is everything.

And you know what’s even better than this? Than this connection, this chance, this hope?
Better than having this love for someone, that means everything in the world?…

…Being loved.

Stay true Kids.


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