the bright side


Someone told me today, that I was too optimistic. That I should set my expectations of things, and more specifically people, lower. That I should start expecting the worst, and just hoping for the possibility of the best instead.
I took a minute.
To just let that sink in.
That someone actually said that to me. Or said it at all.
I know it’s not a ridiculous statement, or even an original thought…but it’s sad.

I looked for images to put on here, with this, and it only made my heart sink lower. There were literally hundreds of pictures to graphically illustrate the point, that if you have any expectation or faith in a person, you will only be let down, disappointed, hurt, frustrated…exhibit A, B, C and most famously D…
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To think that we should value other people’s words and actions so lowly, that we should neither believe them or their commitment to them, is a very sad concept. What about Respect? Love? Trust?…Are these things that are only reserved for the over-optimistic these days? Are they not the things we should really be embracing instead of all the negative “what if’s”? regardless of the situation.

Well, despite my sarcasm and mistrust of some, despite everything that has ever happened to me, maybe I am an optimist when it comes to the things and people I believe in. I’d much rather think of things in ways like these…
ab70a578942d5645ed9db21a109d9da3  825034
df175c1f8fb67f4d7b7ce8f7022634ef    tunnel

Because, fuck it!…I like the anticipation, I like the excitement, I like having something special to look forward to. If all those things weren’t there, then why bother hoping for the best at all? Why not just give up right now and make other plans. Or just give up altogether?

Yes, people have the capacity to disappoint you, and do so repeatedly. Yes people have the capacity to hurt you, and do so repeatedly. Yes, people have the capacity to do all sorts of horrible things…but they also have the capacity to love, trust, be honest, be honourable, commit…and live up to expectations.
So if believing in someone is an option, it is the one I will continue to take.

Don’t give up Kids, there’s so much to look forward to.


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