Not enough words…


So my day today must be summed up with the assistance of pictures. This is primarily due to the fact that words alone cannot simply convey the feelings associated with some of the events. Here goes…after very little sleep last night (despite my best efforts) it started out like this…
images (32)

I blearily got a serious strong helping of coffee sorted eventually, but only had time for one…so it had to count.
Amy Poehler

Then I attended an hour an a half long, totally pointless work appointment, where all we really talked about was the fact that this woman was so excited to be leaving her boring job, and boring life, to move to Melbourne. Awesome, happy for you…now is there a point to this?
images (33)

Then we progressed to appointment number two for the day. This is really where the fun started. I think I actually heard the fun-o-meter start ticking as I walked into the office. An hour later, the ticking was getting wearing and I finally got to speak to someone. Yay, time to sort things out. I had to change my name and address. Sounds simple right…how could someone screw that up you ask.
images (35)
Ahhh, let me count the ways.

I sat there with this woman for a half hour of trying to explain my situation to her, while she comprehended ab-so-lute-ly-fuck-ing NOTHING. Apparently, my name is NOT really my name, because THEIR records show it differently. My legal name is really only my ‘preferred’ name (despite the fact that I placed enough paperwork in front of her to iron clad the fact). Why has nobody told me this??? Here I was all this time thinking that all that marriage, name changing, mumbo jumbo was actually legal??

So I tried to be patient. I tried explaining it slowly…and with hand gestures. I tried to be polite. Aaaaand I finally lost my shit altogether. So after being in this womans’ presence for around 45 minutes, I finally felt it was no longer safe for her to be in front of me, and after a few choice expletives, I left. Nothing got changed. Again.

Aside from these two life enriching experiences, I also encountered the usual, mentally and emotionally draining technological difficulties, which are making my days full of sunshine of late, and then got to come home to a house full of crap that needs to be packed and moved. This is not a fun job, and less so on your own. Ugh.

Looking on the bright side…
At the end of all of that, it got better. I vented to a friend, I managed to get some productive work done, I didn’t break anything or anyone, my puppies wrestled me to the ground while I was having a seriously focused workout-which reduced me to fits of giggles, and I got an unexpected email which put a smile on my face. The frustration has subsided and I will now retreat into a small coma until morning…which will be better.
images (34)

Cheers for the ear Kids.



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