Will to the power of one.


Willpower…I never thought I had any-honestly.

I am fully aware that I lack a lot of the fundamental brain functions that others seem to possess, such as high tolerance to idiots, keeping inappropriate comments to myself, lots of patience and conforming to general opinion. I also thought one of those talents I did not possess was the ability to resist temptation. I have never been happier to prove myself wrong. It just requires the correct form of motivation it would seem.

I have stuck to my guns, diet and workout regime to get myself to a better place. I am not there yet, but I can see it in the distance. It’s similar to the glow of the lights of Las Vegas, as you reach the top of the last crest before the Strip. It’s still just beyond reach, but you can almost feel the glow of it. You know that when you get there, there will be dazzling lights and fanfare (okay, maybe only in my mind in this case) …but the glow… Definitely the glow.


What I have discovered is, that along with my determination and stubbornness, it’s amazing what you can resist, push yourself to do and achieve, if you keep the end game in mind rather than what’s right in front of you. If you have a goal. Some…thing that you really want.
The even better thing is, that while you’re keeping that goal firmly in mind, you come across all of these smaller challenges and achievements that make you feel better about yourself along the way. You feel stronger, healthier, happier and more stable. You learn a lot of things. It’s win-win really.
In the last 12 months (literally) my life has been all over the place, One huge thing after another, after another…and then another. Everything changed and changed…and changed again. Plans, people, situations…everything. And it’s about to all change again, how I’m not sure yet, but I’m not worried about it this time. Taking the time to focus on myself has been somewhat liberating, and  I know that I’m going to put everything I’ve got into getting what I want…

Stay positive Kids. Start every day with a smile. It’s a new beginning.





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