Lighting candles


It’s a birthday week here and I will be lighting some candles, but in memory and celebration of life, rather than festive celebration.
I lost my Mother 27 years ago to Cancer and my Father 8 months ago to a car accident. This coming week holds both of their birthdays, just four short days apart August 8th (Mum) and August 12th (Dad).

My Mother was a beautiful person, who made everyone around her smile. She was a Profesional doll and teddy bear maker, who loved her husband and children, and put her passion for life on display for all to see. She was a talented artist, sculptor and signwriter, and I am still convinced there was nothing she couldn’t have done if she really wanted to.
It only took 12 months for Cancer to take her away from us. I will never forgive it.
My Father was a myriad of things across his life-a Dam builder, a Milkman, a craft shop owner, a Truck driver and finally a Postman. He ruled the house with a stern but generally fair hand, and there was no doubt that he loved my Mother more than anything else, ever. He was also an accomplished leather worker, cane crafter and Potter. He loved to read, always with a book in hand, despite the fact that some of them were occasionally crappy Mills & Boon novels. He was a friend, an Uncle, a Brother, a Father, a Grandfather, and a stubborn old man who loved his dog and his solitude.
And I miss him being ‘there’.

IMG_5596  IMG_5592  IMG_5595

If there is something out there past this world, my only hope is that you have found each other again, and are together. It was obvious to all, that that is where you belong-together.
Happy birthday to you both with all my love. You will always remain in my fondest memories and my heart.




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