Sense therapy

So many things happen in life, that sometimes you just need to clear your head, to escape. While it would be nice at times to just pack everything up and disappear, unfortunately for most people, it isn’t possible..but I have found a few personal alternatives which offer an experience akin to ‘getting away from it all’  for a while. This is just one of them.


This option takes very little preparation, a set of keys and about 200kgs of get up and go. An air cooled, v-twin engine whispers deeply “Come with me…I will take you away…just say the word”. (Stop imagining David Bowie in tights all you Labyrinth fans, it’s much deeper than that voice). It wants to run away as much as I do.


Riding a motorcycle is therapy- plain and simple. You are alone with your thoughts (and possibly a fabulous riding soundtrack compilation) and every single one of your senses come alive. You feel everything. Every slight change in temperature plays across your skin, as you pass through sunlight and shadows, every bump on the road, every corner. You feel the wind and speed press against your chest and enclose your body, and the momentum sends a shiver through your entire being. The vibration and urge of the engine beneath you, rattle through your bones, and make you breathe deeper.


Your awareness of everything and everyone around you is sharp, and you ‘see’ everything. You see movement and colour, and all of the people going about their lives, as you look out of your little world apart. Your awareness makes you anticipate, you pay attention.

You drift through a myriad of scents in the air, from passing by the local bake factory, the salty ocean thick in the air, to the sweet, acrid smell of a grass-fire. The breeze, the smells, evoke memories, and you take it all in without a thought, the sun shining down and the music keeping beat with the growl of the engine.



Once you get to wherever you end up (and I say it in that fashion, as a destination…a plan, is not needed to start the engine) you can stop and do your thinking then. Maybe you’ll end up somewhere humming with life, glitz and people, somewhere far away or somewhere quiet where only the wind knows your secrets .
Just somewhere you ended up. Somewhere you needed to be for some reason…


So, here’s the part for all those who would say…”but they are so dangerous, you can get hurt”…
Yes you could, based on many factors…
-if you don’t know how to ride properly (coupled with being a show-off beyond your capabilities usually)
-if you don’t watch what you (or others on the road) are doing
-if you’re a total knob that doesn’t respect the road, and what it can do to you if you personally collide with it at 60km/hr+
-if you FAIL to wear proper safety gear
-if you encounter sheer bad luck (accidents can still happen)

The simple truth is, everything in life can hurt you. Y’know, the walk out your front door and get hit by a bus thing?
In riding a motorcycle, there is a control to it, and the smile factor outweighs the danger factor 10 to 1. A little fear is healthy to keep you on your proverbial toes, and if we refrained from doing everything a little dangerous, how mundane and boring would life be?
Don’t be boring, just be careful 😉




Happy trails Vamps.


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