Forward and another F word.

Today was a day of reflection it seems, on what is, was and will be. All of it. The whys, whens and hows. The ‘how much?’ factor and also the ‘how much is it worth?’ aspect. Keeping in touch with zen, in a very empowered kind of way 🙂
It may surprise you to know that I’m not talking about shoes…
Even more so that I’m not talking about dogs…
But something much more serious…if you make it that way…Life.
Indulge me, as I take you on a ‘pinterest’ overkill illustrated journey of my points to follow 🙂

Ricky Gervais summed it up nicely today in saying this…“Is there a purpose to life. Yes. To live. To live well. To be good. To enjoy every minute. To help others enjoy it too. Then, lights out.”

It prompted amongst other things, tonights’ post dinner conversation about doing what makes you happy, about thinking outside the box, taking risks and just being happy in general. This is pretty much what we landed on…



There seem to be so many things we (collectively) ‘want’ to do. But we don’t. ‘Want to try’. But we don’t. Places we ‘Want to go’. But we don’t. Isn’t life way too short to have so many ‘wants’ left? I think so.



Looking back, do you know what I really hate? Really regret?…I regret the things I didn’t do, didn’t say. When the moments to do or say them had expired, I was left wanting or wondering. In every thing I did do, I can find something good, no matter how small. Mostly I learned. I learned what I wanted to keep doing, or never wanted to do again. I learned about both people… and the nature of people. I learned about power, and how some wield it, need it or don’t have it. And I learned about my own strengths, weaknesses and passions. Every experience gave me knowledge and shaped me in some way, and every chance I missed stays with me too. So who really stops us from doing the things we ‘want’ to do?…



Yep, we do. We stop ourselves. For one reason or another, we convince ourselves that we ‘can’t’ do it, ‘shouldn’t’ do it or maybe just that we’ll do it ‘later’.


We allow negative influence and negative people into our lives, and heads, and we accept that things aren’t possible. Find the right people. The ones who accept you as the less than perfect, weird, short-tempered, emotional, erratic, flawed *gasp* human being that you are!


We settle for what we have (or think we deserve), when what we really deserve is to be happy. In the scheme of things, isn’t that the most important one? I can’t think of a better reason to be here than to live, to love and to be happy. The world has so much to offer.







Nothing should be done by halves. Everything should be done with all the passion you can muster. Be honest with people (most of all yourself). Commit to being yourself, to doing what you want, what truly makes you happy. If you love life, you have to love living it. Love. Be cautious, but don’t be afraid of being hurt. We all get hurt. You have to allow yourself to truly love, even if it means baring your soul, being open…vulnerable.

Don’t try and understand everything that life throws at you. It will NEVER happen. Random things are sent to test us, so take them as they come…there’s really no other way to do it. And you know what else?… not everyone will be down with your rainbow. Go figure. As much as you try and surround yourself with the right people, someone will always oppose you for some reason. Someone will always say you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’. Don’t listen. Why listen? Be yourself.

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Someone said to me not long ago, that ‘the best is yet to come’. I believe that. I have to, we all do, otherwise what is there to look forward to? There are dreams to fulfill, sights to see, people to meet, and wants…so many wants.


This all sounds like super-positive froth and bubble I’m sure, but you know what?…who couldn’t use a little more of that every day.



Sleep long and sound Vamps. Tomorrow is one day closer to….


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