Keep going…


So, it’s been quiet around this way lately. Sometimes life just gets in the way of a good story.
Things have been all over the place, none of which I want to talk about, but what I can tell you, is the way in which I have been dealing with the current situation, albeit not super successfully (so disclaimer reads: probably don’t do this at home kids…)

In a mess of confusion, disorientation and pain (not the physical kind (that would be too easy)…the type that stays in the inside and pushes all of your most important organs to one side or the other) my brain has reverted to the six staple items that have seen me in this situation before. Now I’m not saying these would work for everybody (naturally), but I’m still here, so they must be doing something to alleviate the problem somehow right??

Number 1. Music
I can’t live without it at the best of times, but at the worst,it takes on a whole new meaning. You can play it soft and slow when you are feeling particularly sad and emotional,or loud and heavy, when you are feeling particularly sad and emotional…and angry. See a theme here? You can also hit things to the beat…which brings me to my next point.

Number 2. Workouts
These two items coupled together, mean you can hit things, hard, without hurting anyone else. Not only do you get good heart-rate raising exercise time, but a therapy session too. It’s a great way to release some of that pent up aggression. It’s an all round win really.

Number 3. Alcohol
Anyone who knows me, knew this was coming, really.
It starts with an apparently ‘addictive personality’ and ends with a good resistance to hangovers, a good stock of mixers on-hand and willingness to try anything new…(almost). It also leads to saying things openly, that you might not have previously voiced, with sometimes unexpected results.
It also induces deep thinking, over-thinking, melancholy and finally sleep (sometimes).

Number 4. Friends
This is when you find out who they are. The ones who will call just to see how you are, knowing it’s going to be all about you…and call anyway. The ones who will not judge, but care enough to be honest and protective. The ones who will go out and party with you until the small hours of the morning,just because they know you have to get something wild out of your system….or just sit with you. Quietly.
I am lucky enough to have a few good ones.

Number 5. my Girls (pups)
They listen (for quite a while,or in Zo’s case as long as her attention span allows, or you scratch her belly), without answering back.They will rest their head quietly on your lap when they know you are sad. They are constant company. They guard and protect(from the mail-man and strange noises in the night).They nuzzle your hand with a wet nose at the right times. All in all, irreplaceable.

Number 6. Hope
You have to have this. No matter what.You have to believe things will work out. You have to believe in what you want. Sometimes even in others. It is necessary to get through every day. Absolutely.

None of these actually help present a solution to any problems, they are simply distractions with some benefits and possibly some bad side effects. The solution is really more of thinking like this…

And maybe a little more of this…

This all has to end sometime, somehow, somewhere. Until then, I shall continue along my path, and see what happens in the meantime. A few new things of interest have arisen, and ironically, a renewed sense of purpose and independent self-worth have seeded. More creative streaks are occasionally showing through, as is the definite determination that I will get what I need…or rather want…and be happy.

Until next time Vamps…remember: When you lay down to sleep, the bedbugs biting are the least of your problems.


One thought on “Keep going…

  1. Nay says:

    I am loving your 6 step program, (will adopt some if not all of them)
    Thanks for sharing V, its nice to know that you are nno the only one in the world sometimes feeling this way.
    Stay strong xxx

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