And the beat goes on…

The last two weeks have been nothing if not insane. The above is almost but not quite literally true, to the point just short of where it actually felt like it might really happen. So many things threatening to just ‘Kaboom’ to get out.
Every aspect of life has been thoroughly swished around and squeezed from the inside out (and in some cases then downed quickly with lemon and salt).
I should now dissect this all part by part, so it seemingly makes some sense for you all.

The theme of 2013 continues with this place…
Only this time it’s not for me. My Father had a scheduled trip planned for an angiogram. In and out in a day right?…
Near two weeks later, triple bypass heart surgery, extended stay in ICU and LOTS of drama later…*sigh*
This drama, of course, is added to by the fact that he may be starting to err on the side of ummm…shall we say…forgetfulness? Put a little less politely and directly quoting from cinematic genius…”That boys cheese has slid off his cracker”
So it has not been easy for the rest of us (Matt & Mish shone like stars here) to make arrangements around this unfettered.
Countless phone calls, re-arrangements, cancellations and stress later, he will be on his way.
Oh yes…one last complication…they have now, as a late breaking news flash, also discovered Lung Cancer.
Chapter two begins after the scans tomorrow….

In other news, the changes I have spoken of over the past few editions have slowly been creeping in. Some are noticable, some not so much, both on the inside and the outside.
There are the obvious superficial ones, like finally biting the bullet, doing something I’ve always wanted to do, and going from this….
vamp 2
To this…

Then there’s this….
The lastest addition to my small collection of ink, and another part of what is inside of me boldly showing on the outside. I have always endeavoured to make sure that anything I should get permanently scarred into my skin means a great deal to me. And this is no exception. I love it in every way…as it shows, what it means and everything that meaning encompasses to me, both skin deep and much further below.
68b7131cc17abda0847f3ec3b2c564d9 (1)

And not so noticable to passers-by, I have also started looking deeper to discover change within. I have started exploring what keeps the fire burning in this…
From re-connecting it with old friends, current friends, and more importantly, with myself, trying to figure out what really makes it sing. What sometimes makes it skip a little with excitement or anticipation. What makes it ache uncontrollably. What makes the beat go on.
I took some invaluable time over the weekend just passed to do just that….
Hopefully I will see things a lot clearer in time. I guess it all takes time….

I will be sad to see this week pass in a few ways, but deliriously happy in many more, that the pace will slow back a notch and let a few of the imminent worries subside, even if momentarily.
So for now Vamps, I will leave it at that. Stay safe and sound under the covers. And remember, whatever life throws at you…Smile (as if you have a severed head in your freezer).



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