Hangry Consumer Quandry

For quite a while I have noticed myself becoming more aware of the rising prices around us. While it is only expected that this should happen, I notice I am also becoming aware of all of the other aspects that go with this.
As a consumer, we should always be aware of such things as price, but also quality, service and expectation versus reality of what is on offer. So this is my question to you all…
As a consumer, do you get what you pay for…or what you are given?

Exhibit A follows, from the events of tonight…
Below is a picture of the new pizza range at Dominos. Advertised as ‘Chefs best’ range, with better quality etc etc. you would expect a better product that the average range they have on offer right?

We were keen to try these and see how much better they were, but when we looked in the box we were bitterly disappointed. The pizza itself, is actually smaller than a regular size pizza (which the website doesn’t tell you), it was half topped (at best) and some slices had no toppings at all on them.
Again I ask…Would you walk away or complain?
Well, after the dreary day I had, I went and said something. Not rudely, but simply pointed out that the pizza in the box looked nothing like the picture on the wall. (If that’s what they advertise, that’s what you should get right?)
The girl looked a little dumbfounded, but offered to remake them. This is what we ended up with…
It’s supposed to be chicken and cranberry. Still not very impressive but 100% on the first one. We left.

It got me thinking of all the other sub-quality products and service we are on the recieving end of these days.
Pubs very rarely serve ‘pub meals’ any more, trying to compete with the ‘masterchef’ generation of kitchen. Sizzler, which is really just a glorified buffet, is almost becoming unaffordable for the average family, with price on par with your average full service restaurant and ‘fast food’ is becoming less ‘fast’ and less ‘food’ too.

Of course it doesn’t help the businesses of Australia that we visit, that we have visited the U.S twice, and have that comparison to make. Most businesses you visit there have great service and friendly staff (even the ones that don’t operate on tips). Most places there have a huge range, good quality and unique products. All places there have great prices.
Below are examples of the ‘average size’ pizza from our U.S trip…

Don’t get me wrong though…it’s not just the price here. It’s what you GET for the price. I am happy to pay for GOOD food and GOOD service, but it’s getting harder to find, and I am the first to give kudos to anyone that has either.

Looking at it from a different perspective, if you had a business, wouldn’t you give exactly what you offered to your customer? As a business owner, that’s exactly what I do.

As my husband pointed out, if you complain, you can become labelled as the very cliched ‘Aussie whinger’, but why should we just take what we are given with a smile. Why should we settle?
So tell me…What would you do?



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