Amazeballs USA

Well…we went, (we ate), we flew, we drove, (we ate some more), we met new people, we saw some amazing things…and we’re back!
We picked up a little culture along the way…
As usual, the food was fantastic, and everything you could ever think of (and some you really couldn’t) to tempt the palate, and make you awash with drool.
See! I told you!!
This is what a REAL thickshake should be like!!
And yep, we sure did go here…
We flew from L.A to Atlanta,Georgia, where we got to meet some friends in person for the first time…
And Chili got to play with Lou, from the Mystic Roadshow-very cool.
Time to get back to L.A and then cruise in style from there to San Diego, and all the way back up to San Fransisco-Phew! That’s a lot of miles.
We saw the fattest squirrel on the planet along the way and I even got to pat the little tackers as they begged pathetically for cheesy, fattening treats, which passer-by folks toss them.
I got to learn a little about therapy dogs in the beautiful surrounds of Balboa Park…
And there was SHOPPING!…Lots of shopping…
We hit Vegas with friends from Iowa (Tim & Jen) for a few days and saw the Beatles show…
and consumed copious amounts of slushy, fuzzy margarita goodness (which was not so good the next day).
Before we left, our L.A host cooked us the best Grill EVER- a ‘Drunk & Dirty’ roast fillet mignon. 🙂 Again, a HUGE thank-you is in order to everyone that hosted us so graciously, and made the trip what it was.


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