Paws for thought

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So, you all should know by now that we 100% support Dog rescue groups and animal support people (the ethical ones) and the great work they do. There are several specifically we follow and try and help out as much as possible, so as a part of my pay-it-forward scheme for this year, I am going to tell you a little more about them, so you understand just HOW awesome they are.


When people started messing with that divine creature, a place called FETCHING DOGS stepped in to help.
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They hail from the Sydney area and here is their overview…
Company Overview
Fetching Dogs is an incorporated non-profit registered charity, dedicated to rescuing, caring, and rehoming dogs all across NSW, as well as the promotion of responsible pet ownership and education regarding animal welfare.
All of our dogs are desexed, microchipped, lifetime registered (NSW), vaccinated, and heartworm treated. Our foster dogs stay in care for a minimum of two weeks in order to properly asses both behaviour and health.
We are passionate about rehoming responsibly and matching our dogs with compatible families, to ensure their second chance will be for life.

And every word of it is TRUE. Especially the ‘Passionate’ part. They are strict and fair. They have a great success rate and a photographer at RUTHLESS PHOTOS who knows how to capture each pooch with a look that can just melt hearts.
Our very own gorgeous hound Zodiac is a Fetching Dog Foster Fail 🙂

Next came along the highly strung bouncy poof balls, in the form of Huskies and Malamutes, needing a paw-up. Intro: ARCTIC BREED RESCUE.
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ABR is a private rescue resource, primarily assisting arctic breeds in need from pounds along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. We bring them into either a foster carer or kennel environment, take care of all their vetwork requirements, provide rehabilitation as and when required – as we search for their happy new beginning. ABR is dedicated to ethical rescue and responsible pet ownership at all times. We always put the needs and wants of our beloved arctic breeds first and foremost.
All animals available for rehoming through ABR are desexed, microchipped, lifetime registered (NSW only), C5 vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated, and internal and external parasite treated.

ABR is based in both Sydney AND Brisbane and are the ONLY place to go for a snow-dog friend. The carers and Co-ordinators give this worthy cause their all (and sometimes more) to find the perfect homes for these pups and take the best care of them in the meantime. We have fostered numerous times for ABR and the Co-ordinators are helpful and easy to work with.

The third place is ever so close to my heart, as this man helped us so much when our family needed healing. DOC JAMIESON-ANIMAL CHIROPRACTOR (although I like to call him an Angel).
What he says about himself:
Compassionate about improving the care and quality of life of animals, and raising awareness about how owners can compliment my treatments by making changes to their pets home environment.
But I have so much more to say than just that. When our boy needed help, Doc was there. He is straight to the point, honest and caring. He is there for the animals to the core. It wasn’t what Doc saved us in money or worry that mattered most, it was what he gave us back, and that was quality of life filled TIME with my beautiful boy (rest his Wookie soul).
I would call Doc before any registered Vet for anything, because he’s good at what he does, and we trust him.
That means a lot.

As a small business owner, I have limited means, but try and help/donate as much I can to these places and they are always looking for new Foster Carers to come onboard and help with the huge job they have at hand. It doesn’t cost much more than time, love and a little dog food, so please give it thought.
There are links to all of these miracle working places in the blog sidelinks if you want to take a look. They are all also on Facebook to follow.