A Sparkling New year

diamond 2013
Well, it’s been a while coming, but happy New year to all my friends and followers out there!
Out with the Old and in with the new I say. The last year ended in a nasty way, being whisked off to hosp…hosp..hospital (even typing it gives me the shivers) in lots of pain, only to be told “We don’t know what’s wrong with you?” Like I’ve never heard THAT before!
So it was on the phone to my knight in a shining F-Truck quick smart. I think the conversation went a little like this…”Get me the hell out of here!” and with the sound a rumbly V8, I clicked my heels and was back in Oz.
Home for a Christmas that was a bit like this…
And full of love from my awesome husband and pooches 🙂

We saw the New Year in with friends and some ‘notquitesurewhatwasinthem’ alcoholic jelly oranges, and Bingo!…it was 2013.
The thing with that is…there is so much to look forward to 🙂 You see I have this list of all the good things I want to do this year. Things for others..kind of a ‘pay-it-foward’ list. It inspires me. That feels good.

We are tripping again too…very excited about that. We get to see all of the great friends (hopefully) that we made in the US on our last trip and explore a bit more of the bits we missed last time. Oh…and shop-Yay!

There is also Sooo much more on the horizon for us-Completing renovations, Music, Work (still loving it), Socializing, Fostering pups, Concerts, Dinners…the list goes on.
So bring it on ’13. Give us all the good stuff!

Hope it’s looking great for you all too



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