Friends…we has them

After our recent halloween Party someone said something to us. It was a simple compliment. “You have the most wonderfully interesting friends”. Nice to hear, but after a while my brain back-tracked (as it does) and thought about it.
“Wonderfully interesting” Two simple words, and face it, who wouldn’t want to be either wonderful OR interesting?
But used together it means so much more than just either used flippantly on their own. Interesting to the point that it inspires wonder.
Yes, that describes our friends perfectly! šŸ™‚

From the people we have met through common passion for animals, who have both open minds and hearts (and a concerning shoe fetish, but we won’t name names šŸ™‚ ), to the people I have approached as no more than a creepy stranger in a supermarket peddling my wares, our friends are the most amazing bunch.

We have old friends who we have not only shared houses with, but more importantly, time, tragedy, laughs and a few good drinks, and new friends who we get to know more each day with common interests and motivations.
We have friends halfway across the world, that I would class as closer than most of the strangers in this country.
There are friends who have walked the mile beside us in our shoes, and would do it again if they had to.
There are Facebook friends who have taken the scary leap and trickled into our real lives away from the keyboard, and other more enduring relationships built on childhood memories of mischief, and pacts of “things they’ll never tell your Mother”.

We have people, who we have met through friends, and we have since become lucky enough to include as our own. We have shared our own special group around and induced new frienships between them all too.
We have (probably certifiably crazy) friends who have no aversion to screaming crazy loud things (sometimes whilst drunk or naked-or both). Loud and colourful, uninhibited, refreshingly dazzling personality filled friends!!!
The thing is, each of our own groups have different backgrounds, cultures, sexualities, nationalities, pastimes, jobs and their own circle of friends, but they all seem to mesh. They get along. It’s just awesome. It really is šŸ™‚

The bottom line I guess, is that we feel so grateful to have this “wonderfully interesting” bunch of people, who shall no longer just be referred to as ‘the freaks we hang out with’, in our lives. People who help make us who we are. People who care, who will take the time to listen when needed, or just raise a glass with us when the time for talking is at an end.
I can only hope you feel that we are the kind of friends in return, that deserve you all.



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