So much, So little…

Yes, as the title would represent, it means so much to do and so little time!
Our crazy busy time of the year, the one we have been planning for all year, is here. It seems that all the planning in the world can never really prepare you for everything life throws at you!

Between a musically inclined husband, work, play, friends, health, vehicles, family and everything else, we barely get a second to breathe.

I guess to clarify, I should address each thing on it’s own, therefore…

Musically inclined husband: My Chili has a band (or is a band…or such) If you look to the links you will see the Lemonchili Project. It is a project which requires many hours of a husband slinking away to a dark room and screaming things randomly, coming out for coffee, and slinking back in. After a lot of this, you end up with an album ready to release on the world and spare time on your hands!
Work: This never ends for either of us. Chili is getting busier at work, and I do all sorts of weird hours, stress about getting orders in and then getting them back out. So far it’s going well, but it has it’s moments.
However, this month I have two big weddings coming up within a week or so of each other. So that means deadlines and striving for perfection. For me, that recipe means lost sleep.

Play: I’ve almost forgotten what this is. Luckily we have a party planned. Our last big one for the year and our annual event of a Halloween party. It snuck up on me by a few weeks, but dammit, I’m going to enjoy this!!

Friends: We just haven’t seen them enough this year (hasn’t it flown!?). So many things are going on, we have had to decline a lot of invitations regretfully 😦 This party should help remedy that.

Health: This is a sucky one. I, with my intense hatred of hospitals and anything related to them, have to go through not one or two, but three surgeries in the next few months. Yay me…I know right?
On top of this, I also cannot eat any fatty anythings! The pain is unbearable 😦

Vehicles: Misty, my awesome truck is almost (after a LOT or work) back on the road and finished! After a total overhaul, she is rockin’. We just have to get the tray painted and is all done. next!…

Family: With my Fathers poor health, we have had him visit a lot this year. we have also been minding his dog as he has just undergone major surgery and come out the other side, which is a relief. If you know me, you know I love my dad, but he can seriously make you tear your hair out. After a week, you wave goodbye with a smile is all I’m sayin’.

Soooo, with all of that happening, a new pup in the house, and the loss of my dear boy, we have had our hands full. And from here it’s going to stay super busy until at least December….”Aaagghh”

Deep breaths. More deep breaths…and maybe a little vodka.



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