My Love Affair… part 2

As you would have seen in Part 1, our journey had held nothing but good times and sunny days (perfect weather actually). So, this is where the road took us….

Starting out from New York we travelled across and up through Pennsylvania, through some of the most beautiful lush green countryside ever, to meet a friend in the little town of Bellwood-Altoona. Here we met Dan, who makes awesome custom hot rod grilles (I will post a link in my sidebar for him), and got a tour of his workshop. We met shop cat (pictured below) , saw a very cool Buell and encountered misty mountain rain for the first time in our trip.

From there we took the road more travelled until we got sick of highway, and turned off into smaller winding ones. They led us to none other than Cleveland, and it’s amazing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 😀 They had a Pink Floyd exhibit and a ‘Boss’ floor, which was uber cool too.

 Along the way, we stayed in a few small motels, visited little shops randomly, had fabulous self-serve breakfast waffles, huge steak dinners and a ‘Five Guys’ burger…Nommage!! Of course we had Gumby to guide us, where could we go wrong???

Kicking on, Ohio beckoned and more friends we were yet to meet 🙂 We beelined straight over and made it the next day as the fireflies were just starting the glow their little butts to light the way. They never cease to fascinate me-small things 😀
We were greeted by a welcoming committee of a husky, a ridgy and a sausage dog, and yet more amazing people who all welcomed us into their beautiful home.
The Buell Homecoming was still a week away, so we took the time to shop around a little (Yes Walmart-Lol!) and of course the Iron Pony superstore (this place is bigger than a Bunnings!), guitar stores all over, have yet more delish ribs and a home barbecue with real baked cornbread! We visited the Thurman Cafe (as seen on Man vs Food), where they boast half pound burgers and have a waiting room with a popcorn machine and had as many ‘malteds’ as I could fit in.
Mark was a fantastic host and it felt great to have puppies around me once again, as I was missing ours like crazy. After a few days we bid farewell, to meet up again at the festival, and set off on our ‘iron ponies’ to visit Mr Pelini in Piqua.

After a heartstarting ride involving a very quick exit ramp and a Mack truck, we made it. Just!
This pair of unknowns (and possible axe murderers) were greeted by yet more great people and a homecooked hot meal.
In the days that followed before we set off on our epic ride, we were shuffled off to more guitar stores (Chili was in heaven I swear), and we visited ‘Touchdown Jesus’ a large multi million dollar controversial statue, who had ironically been hit by lightning only days before and Jungle Jims. Oh.My.God!…Jungle Jims! Claimed as the biggest supermarket in the northern hemisphere, you are presented with a map on entry. A map!

Yes the firetruck you can see above the aisle is a real one-full size. Which aisle? The hot chili sauce of course! All 1800 varieties. There was a section from every country around the world and a room just for cigars. I know…OTT right?
Gary is an all round nice guy, funny man and food enthusiast and also a fellow muso, his band Dying to Meet You is linked to the left 🙂

Feeling relaxed and well travelled, we spent the evening getting packed for our ride to East Troy together. In the morning the birds were chirping and we mounted up…but that will have to wait for the next instalment 🙂
So…any more startling realisations? Just one. NO DEER!
We had been told repeatedly to watch out for random wild deer, which I was very excited to see. But Nooooo! We saw Chipmunks, squirrels, vultures, eagles and even the odd groundhog, but no deer! *sigh*

East Troy here we come, see you all soon.



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