My Love Affair…part 1

Those of you who know me well enough to come to my humble home, will no doubt have heard all about this. My friends and confidantes with
whom I cannot contain my excitement on the subject. It’s true I am having a love affair…
With the U.S of A!

Before a few years back, I had never wanted to go there. There were many other destinations that appealed to me a whole lot more. Through the news and pop media, it seemed a crowded, dirty, unsafe place. The people were rumoured to be rude and loud, the food cheap and greasy. The cheese was all supposed to be orange??
All I can say to that is..Don’t believe ANYTHING until you’ve experienced it for yourself! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Through a Buell internet forum ‘Badweather Bikers’, Chili and I had made a lot of online friends all over the country, and when it was time for
the Annual ‘Homecoming event’, when Buellers from all over the country travel to the East Troy- the birthplace of Buell motorcycles, we decided to bite the bullet and just go. It was this time 2 years ago, feels like yesterday still.

This is part one, because our trip lasted four glorious weeks, and we packed as much as humanly possible into it, and a few extra things which I believe were relatively above human capabilities too. We wanted to do everything.

Ummm..had I mentioned that I absolutely HATE to fly? A small hitch. So tickets in hand I nervously boarded for our 13 hour flight over great expanses of ocean.

V Australia were great, right down to the nice steward who kept eyeing Chili off 😉
About halfway there I got sick…very sick…and stayed that way for the next 7 hours-Yay me! Getting off the plane, I had never been happier to have my feet planted firmly on the ground before.

Our amazing hosts Melanie and Asbjorn whisked us out to San Dimas (69 Dudes!) for the first stop of our amazing journey. Having only just met, they made us feel so comfortable and welcome, we could have known them for years. The below pics are at the downtown LA restaurant ‘La Golondrina’ where we scoffed spicy chocolate coated chicken and margaritas! and of course Madame Tusseads wax Museum on the strip 🙂

From there we only stayed overnight in Vegas (which will soon be remedied) but it was a great night and we packed so much into that 24 hours you wouldn’t believe. I’m not sure if 24 days would be long enough to see all the sparkly sparkly blingy cachingy city has to offer!!??
We stayed at the fabulous Treasure Island which came alive with a full size Pirate ship sailing around it at night, and a battle with the Sirens of the deep. By this time we were throwing back ridiculously strong vodka slushies. Good times, good times. We got lost in Ceasars Palace, Visited the underwater aquarium with a friend, saw the fountains of the Bellagio sing and walked miles.


A few days in L.A to lose the jetlag and look around and a sad farewell to Asbjorn and Melanie, and we were off on the next leg of our trip.
New York, New York-The Big Apple!
We stayed with friends on Statton Island. Such a great place. So many things to see, and a fantastic tour guide Court turned out to be too!

Above were taken looking toward the big smoke, in Central Park and with Court and ‘Super-Jack’ who allowed us to feed him treats while we stayed in his home 🙂
New York really is a fabulous place to visit. We met up with a huge group of fellow riders/forumers at the ‘Dinosaur’ in Harlem. Awesome day!

A few more days in New york which involved some serious shopping-shoes, clothes-serious stuff, we headed out into the wild yonder in our beige (don’t tell anyone that)
rental car to see where the road would take us…
As we drove I reflected on all my expectations of America and it’s American-ness. So far, none of it held true.
The people were not rude and loud, they were outgoing, animated, generous, welcoming and above all, friendly.
The food was not cheap and greasy, it was cheap and fabulous! A taste explosion to be believed only when experienced.
The cheese was not orange (well not all of it). The orange stuff is great with turkey too!
The countryside was not dirty, and as we drove we meandered past row upon row of neatly manicured lawns and flags flying proudly above homes.
I was loving America, and I wanted more.

So where DID the road take us you ask? I guess you’ll just have to read the next blog to find out 😉



One thought on “My Love Affair…part 1

  1. Neil Kemp says:

    Really hope to be part of your next journey. Ya’ll are great.

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