Ahhh, Young Love…

About 18 months ago I spotted this young woman in a local supermarket. She was dressed kinda fun, tattoo covered and
joking about with her friends.
I thought she looked like the kind of gal who might appreciate my business wares, so I walked over and gave her my card.
She looked at me oddly, but took it with a smile and we parted ways.

Since that day, a lot has happened…and the weekend past Chili and I had the pleasure of being at her Wedding day.

So how does that happen you ask? (I know you’re wondering).
It started with a coffee, then an order, followed by a visit, which turned into a barbecue, a party and a year later an engagement party!
At the engagement party we found out a little something interesting again-Her Beau is best mates with one of Chili’s workmates, therefore
his Boss was also there, making it a small world indeed. A friendship had bloomed in such a way that it brought people together and peoples people too.

So, Wedding-wise, it was decided to use paper flowers for her bouquet. LenaLime painstakingly made the individual flowers for each of the pomanders and both bouquets, which left me the task of making her artwork into a ‘piece’. I just can’t sugarcoat this process-there was lots of cursing, growling and  luckily nobody came too close for the duration. Putting together fragile *flat* flowers is hard…but I managed….

Then there was the Hens/Bucks night…the sordid affairs-Hahaha! The girls all had a great night out in ‘Jungle theme’ with flowing drinks, great atmosphere and the fab music kept everyone on their feet all night. The boys were on tour, so nobody really knows what happened there (including most of them it seems!). Two of them dragged in to our place close to 5am, not really knowing how they got there 😉

To follow, there was back and forthing about decorating, venue stuffs and all sorts of other little details, but the Bride and Groom made it such a special day for everyone. The venue looked beautiful, the photobooth was heaps of fun and the wedding itself made quite a few eyes tear up, including the Bride.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce two of the cutest lovebirds we know..Mr Aiden & Mrs Carleen McBurney 🙂

Carleen is one of the brightest, LOUDEST, most spontaneous randomly fun people I have been around for a long time, and Aiden is her perfect match. He is quiet until he knows you well enough to hold a conversation, and childlike in a way I say, not offensively, but with reverance. He has managed to make the transition to adult, without losing the things he is passionate about. 🙂
The two of you are like a breath of sunshine on a dreary day, and I am proud to call you friends.
We wish you both the best of everything together always.



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