The Mexico Theory

When I first moved to the outskirts of the big city 8 years ago, it was a huge decision for me. My world thus far had encompassed
mostly living in small towns around Queensland, mostly with other people. At the time it felt like my world was caving in and I had to
get out before it did-so I packed up all my crap, packed a bag and caught a plane. I arrived Friday (the 13th ironically) with only bag in hand  and searched desperately and quickly for a place I could live with my faithful dog. Striking a helpful real estate lady (yes they occassionally exist) I was moved in by Wednesday and a house full of clutter, and my pooch arrived the next day, very happy to see me.

This was one of the most daunting times of my life. I had never travelled much, lived, or done anything much for that matter, on my own. I knew next to no-one here, so was alone and very unsure of what the future held. I had work waiting, which made the transition a little less scary I suppose, but initially had no transport or any idea where I was half the time. The thought of being able to jump on a train or bus and get where I was going all seemed too cool after living in a town you could walk across, and then I got a motorcycle, which made it better again. Freedom.

The big shows, concerts and festivals were all here. The things that had seemed ‘out of reach’ before.
But…I had a friend come out and visit me one day, and a comment he made kinda stuck with me. He said to me
“Why did you move all the way out here…in Mexico!?”

It got me thinking… why do some people allow their worlds to expand, while others slowly let them get smaller?
Walking along a path last Friday night, hand in hand, letting the sushi digest, a random thought occurred to me. I could have been anywhere at that exact point in time and it really wouldn’t have mattered…anywhere on the whole planet!

So many people seem to have this aversion to moving outside their comfort zone, to travel, to relocating, to adventure, to putting in the extra effort. You hear it every day..”I can’t come, you live all the way over the other side of town” As if a 20 minute drive to visit a friend would be just too much. “I had to organise it in town, there are people travelling from the Southside” And it’s true! People won’t take the time to go. It’s easier not to. Too far away. Too much trouble.

When we visited the U.S a few years back, we travelled a bit, but couldn’t cover it all in just 4 short weeks (although we tried our best!). So…when we lunched in New York, our friends got on their bikes and rode 1, 2 and even 3 hours each way, just to have lunch with us! In L.A we got the same reception. Lunch up on Mount Baldy saw friends coming from as far as 2 or 3 hours away just for a few hours to ride and lunch together on the day. Nobody said “Oh we live too far away, we can’t make it”. No Mexico theory happening there anywhere.

Some of our friends will go anywhere and do anything at a moments notice, no matter where or what, and others confine themselves, but why? Some have kids, some struggle a little financially at times (Don’t we all?) or are time poor from the busyness we create for ourselves, but with a little planning and forethought you can achieve so much more. Travel, fun and adventure are all accessible. There is no better time to step outside that white picket fence and see what’s around the block, the corner, over the sea and further yet.

Hey, if I can do it, coming from small town mentality, where everything seemed ‘out of reach’, than I pretty much think anyone can. In the past few years, I have travelled more and done more than I ever really have in my life, and I can tell you now..that’s not going to stop any day soon. We have another U.S trip planned for early next year to see all the bits we missed last time and who knows what after that. Maybe Mexico 😉



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