My intro to the world of Blogging….

Sitting at a quaint little Italian Pizzeria near our home on a quiet Friday night, my husband and I were involved in a discussion on the world in general. Many random and varied topics came up including everything from having children, vehicle choices and other peoples’ perceptions of the world around them. As usual, the conversation got quite involved and passionate on many things and I ended in saying “I know I have an opinion on everything, but I just want to share it”

So, this Blog was born, from my impulsive need to share. Share my opinions and insights, my weird ideas and solutions to the world’s problems, my passionate dislike for some things that happen every day in the world we live in, and the things that put a smile on my face too.

I am happy to engage in discussion with anyone, but detest negativity for it’s sake alone, so please hold your tongue if you have nothing constructive to say. Most of this will be exactly as it reads above. My opinion on things, an outlet for my thoughts and personal point of view.

I hope you find it interesting, inspiring and in some cases, infuriating enough to join in, but that is not the purpose…Plain and simply enough…I just want to say it.




3 thoughts on “My intro to the world of Blogging….

  1. Steve Doig says:

    I look forward to reading
    Already I love the post of no negativity just for its sake

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah well I am sorta keen about the making children part heh heh.

    Just Kidding Vamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Mishelle says:

    So might Tomas and Emily get a cousin?

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